~In Limbo~

I am sitting down to write this seconds after realizing this is my last weekend of college, a fact which is making me panic ever so slightly. After graduation I intend to write a more cohesive post about my time at ASU and how I feel about graduation (and graduating!) but I want this blog to be a collection of what is happening in my life presently, so that will have to wait. I was hoping to have updates for today on a variety of things I have pending in my life but instead I am waiting on them to come to fruition.

They include:

  • Hopefully being in the process of publishing my thesis
  • The interview I gave with KJZZ should be airing soon
  • Hearing back on my post-grad plans

Hopefully I have news on these items soon, so that I can share it with everyone else who is waiting with me! In Spanish, the word Ojalá means ‘God willing,’ and more culturally conveys an idea of ‘it happens if (and when) it happens.’  This past year has certainly been about having to practice this mentality for things that are out of my control!

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