Spain Student Visa Steps 2+3: Translation and Apostille

So I had been thinking for the next step of the Spanish student visa process that I would send my FBI Background Check (Step 1) to the Department of State in VA, and when I received back my Apostilled Background Check, I would send both documents to be translated. However, today I panicked a little and thought that perhaps the Apostille, as a government document, couldn’t be translated as a regular document and that perhaps the Spanish translation of my Background Check would need its OWN Apostille.

Therefore, I set out to get translations first, through  I was a little annoyed that I had to put a step before sending my documents off to be Apostilled, but Rev’s turn around time is 24 hours, which isn’t too bad. I took a photo of my Background Check, purchased a translation and waited. 45 minutes later, I got the email that the translation was done! I double checked and found….they had spelled my name wrong on the translation. I went online to the easy “request a correction” button on my order, filled in the complaint form and 10 minutes later (55 total) I had a translated copy of my Background Check, certified.

Because that took so little time, I could still fill out my Apostille paperwork and send it out today. For this step (#3) I went online to the State Department guidelines for Apostilles and Authentications . I’m listing the order enclosures on their own lines:

1. order form, listing the English and Spanish versions as separate documents

2. a personal check for the order total ($8 per document)

3. a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope

4. the English FBI Check

5. The translated into Spanish FBI Check

6. Cover Letter (I called the office and they made it seem as if the order form counted AS a cover letter, but I typed one up explaining the dual-language documents to clarify any potential confusion.

I packed all these up in an envelope and mailed them off to VA today! I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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