Spain Student Visa Step 3: Apostille Update

It’s been a long time between my last post and this one, mainly because I am still waiting to receive my Apostilles from the Department of State that I sent on June 14! I tried calling yesterday to see if there was an issue, but as I live in Arizona, their office is open 6AM-9AM and 11AM-1PM during my time. I called at 10AM not knowing this, and again at 2PM! After double checking last night, I realized why the office had been closed both times I had attempted to contact them.

Frustrated, I just called them today. After waiting on hold for 28 minutes, I spoke with a woman who informed me my papers were on their 9th day of processing. As the website specifies average processing time to be 5-7 days, I asked if there was an estimate on when they would be done. I was told that they could take a maximum of 12 days, and if there was a problem I would receive a phone call.

Hopefully I should receive my paperwork soon, but this is all a constant reminder that you always should plan ahead! Usually with papers like this, I’d prefer to drop them off myself so that I can ask questions, but unfortunately I live quite far from Washington D.C.!


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  1. […] After finding out about a week ago that my Apostille processing was still ongoing, I started to get anxious. This morning, I managed to miss a call from the Apostille office and upon listening to the voicemail learned that my Apostille still had yet to be processed because my translation of my background check, while a certified copy, was not notarized.  I called the office back once they reopened and waited on hold for 34 minutes. After the office picked up, I was informed that the Apostille office cannot process my translation because the translation of my background check would need to be notarized and an Apostille provided through that state’s Secretary of State. Because of this, the $16 check I sent ($8 for the background check in English and $8 for the background check translation into Spanish) could not be used because my order total is only $8. I thankfully could pay with a credit card over the phone and finish my order processing, which I was told would be finalized today and mailed back to me. Given that this process has been rather time-consuming, if given another chance I would rather pay the extra money and have gone through an Apostille channeler.  The Apostille office website lists the average processing time of 5-7 days, though on the phone told me this could extend to the 12 my paperwork has taken. I’d rather have paid the $55 to have had it back in a guaranteed 5 days. This whole process is not just a visa process– it’s also definitely a learning process!! This so far has been the most confusing step, which I suppose is partially my fault for living in a state that won’t do background checks for this purpose. […]


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