Spain Student Visa Step 3 (Apostille Completion): The Prodigal Son Returns!

I received my completed Apostille back over the weekend! I happened to be out of town but it seems fitting that it would come the one time I leave the state after how long I’ve been waiting. My lovely mother thankfully texted me a picture to let me know it had arrived. The Apostille came with a letter saying that a notarization was required, which made me quite confused as I hadn’t seen this mentioned.

However, after calling the Arizona Secretary of State’s office and the Department of Apostilles in D.C. I realized that the letter was telling me what the Apostille specialist had called and told me: the translation I had sent had to be notarized to receive an Apostille. I had been confused and thought the letter meant the Apostille of the (English) FBI check had to be notarized. However, I do not think that the Spanish consulate requires an Apostille on both the English and Spanish documents, so I am  now done with the document collection process!  It’s been a lengthy process but I’m now ready for my visa appointment at the end of the month.


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