Spain Student Visa Step 5: The Appointment Folder

After so many weeks of preparation, it’s finally time for my visa appointment. I’ve gathered, translated, copied and wrangled all the documents necessary for my application and put them into a folder in preparation of my appointment later this week. While I know some have had success in mailing in their visa applications, I hate leaving things up to chance and will instead personally convey my application to the consulate. That way I can also have a fun pre-departure trip before I leave in September!

So far the visa process has included:

  • Get fingerprinted ($8)
  • Get an FBI background check ($39.95)
  • Send the background check off to Washington D.C. for an Apostille ($8+ $6 shipping)
  • Get a doctor’s note (from an M.D.!)
  • Get a money order for the visa fee ($160)
  • Get the background check and doctor’s note translated into Spanish ($33 x 2= $66)
  • Get a passport photo taken ($7)
  • Fill out the application
  • Print your letter of appointment
  • Sign the mail waiver
  • Get a self-addressed express mail envelope ($22.95)
  • Print your appointment email
  • Find your passport and driver’s license
  • Make copies of the application, your passport, driver’s license, acceptance letter, doctor’s note, background check and the checklist
  • Check, double check and triple check everything. Bring an extra copy of anything you’d like.

(information, forms or templates on the underlined items can be found on the consulate website)

(Total cost: $317.90, not including travel expenses to the consulate. But who needs money when you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime?!)

In the meantime, I’m off to the city of angels (where it’s 23 degrees cooler than Phoenix!)

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