Spain Student Visa Step 6: Submitting the Application at the Consulate

Today was my visa appointment! About an hour ago I went to my visa appointment at the Los Angeles Spanish Consulate. Because I have a phobia of being late, I made sure to arrive early. I ended up there an hour early- oops! I got called up for my appointment and submitted all my paperwork. The woman who processed my application asked if I spoke Spanish, to which I said yes. She then asked for all my paperwork in the order given on the consulate checklist. My Spanish was a liiiitle rusty after 3 months of not using it daily (love that noun-adjective agreement) but it was good prep for what I’ll have to do upon arrival.

She gave me back a copy of my application and told me I’ll need to submit it to an oficina de extranjero (Foreigner’s Office) in Spain within 30 days of arrival. She also asked for when I was planning to arrive in Spain, though I’ve heard of other consulates also asking for proof of travel plans. Overall, it took only about 10 minutes and I should get it back in two weeks!



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