Spain Student Visa Step 7: Receiving the Visa

“NICOLE NICOLE NICOLE” my brother shouted as he bolted up the stairs yesterday morning.

He had just signed for the envelope that delivered my Spanish visa to my house. I didn’t like having to leave my passport behind at the visa office on the day of my appointment, but here it is back in my hands 13 days later (9 business days). I had been told at the consulate and seen that other people had posted that the process took 2 weeks. However, I’m not about to complain that mine arrived more quickly than the estimate.

The visa itself seems printed onto the pages of my passport and I double checked that the entry dates are correct with my flight to Spain as well that it is for multiple entries to the country. I’d post a picture but the page is full of sensitive information, so the internet will have to settle for a photo of my passport cover and half my face.

Now that my visa process is complete, this series is ended! Next will be how I’m readying for the big move as well as how I’ll be acquiring my tarjeta de extranjero  (TIE) which is necessary after my 90 day visa expires. I’m supposed to apply for these shortly after arriving in the country using the papers in my application that were stamped at my consulate.

All in all, everything’s getting more real as the day of my flight approaches!



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