Preparing to Move Abroad: The No-Junk Goal

I leave for Spain in less than a month…and I’m not nearly ready to go! However, I’ve been in the process of purging through the detritus I’ve collected from living in the same house for all of my (almost 22! years of) life. I usually get rid of stuff as regularly as any other person, which is to say only if it’s broken beyond repair.

Once I realized that I’ll be able to take a grand total of 1 large suitcase, 1 small suitcase and an albeit large purse with me in September, I started getting rid of more things. I’ve been purging my room on a semi-regular basis, trying each month to gradually get rid of more things I don’t need. I realized in the process how much junk I’ve managed to accrue and how little of it I actually needed. I filled garbage bags full of things to sell, donate to Goodwill, and to throw away, and my siblings absconded in glee from my room with their arms full of loot.

During this process it came to my attention how much I’d rather have the $10-$15 here and there that I spent on each thing rather than the items I was currently loading into garbage bags or my sisters’ arms. If I had instead thought for a second about each item as I was buying it and asked myself (as I do now before buying something) “would I rather have this item now (and maybe throw it away later) or put it toward plane tickets?” The answer is usually invariably plane tickets, and this mentality has helped me save enough money to go on my upcoming trip. (Note: please do not apply this mental process towards items like deodorant or toothpaste. While plane tickets are more fun, personal hygiene is vastly more important. I don’t want your family or coworkers holding me responsible for the shortcuts you took to afford a trip to Europe.)

I’m still in the process, but my end goal is to have nothing left but what will fit comfortably on the plane with me in my three bags and a box of things to leave at my home in Arizona that I don’t want to get rid of but I’ll definitely want upon my return. Soon all my junk will be gone and I will be left with only the items I actually need! Even if you’re not moving abroad, try purging through your items and see how happy you’ll be when all the unnecessary items are gone!



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