Preparing to Move Abroad: Selling Everything Else

After dealing with my books, I next went through and tried to find which other items I could try to sell to regain some of their original value.

1.Clothes & Jewelry — I went through all my clothes and got rid of everything I didn’t like, wear or think was worth bringing with me across the Atlantic. I took the nicest pieces to local consignment shops: Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet. Buffalo Exchange is always full of items and therefore it’s difficult to sell to them. They only take more name-brand items (usually not Target or Old Navy) that are pretty recent OR very unique vintage items. Most of what they bought off me was jewelry. Plato’s Closet told me that my clothes were too “business casual” for what they were looking for, but they’re worth a shot if you’re looking to sell clothes or jewelry in the area!

2. Old Electronics– Having had to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile so I’d have a phone with an accessible SIM card slot to take with me to Spain, I was left with a perfectly usable iPhone 4 in great condition that only works on Verizon. I posted this on a local buy/sell/trade Facebook page and sold it to a kid looking for a new phone. I’ve also listed two old iPod Touches I had from before the Golden Age (AKA when I got my iPhone) and thus didn’t need them anymore.

3. Time–There are a few websites that offer you giftcards to a variety of retailers in exchange for your time in filling out polls, taking surveys, watching advertisements and fulfilling other online activities. Swagbucks is one of these sites with which I earned a few dollars to put toward my future expenses. You can redeem points for Amazon or Paypal giftcards, among others, though I find those two the most useful.

(If you redeem through my link above, I get a percentage of the Swagbucks you earn)


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