Hola Madrid!

I arrived in Madrid yesterday at 9am. I couldn’t check into my Airbnb until 11:30 so I waited around the airport for a little while. I finally took a taxi to where I was staying and met the hostess. I hadn’t really slept for 2 days and couldn’t sleep longer than 3 hours, so I promptly took a nap. I woke up and went to try to get a SIM card so that I could have phone service, but couldn’t buy one without my passport. I trekked back to my Airbnb to grab it and bought groceries on the way back, though there aren’t a lot of grocery stores here that work in the same way as those in America. Instead, there are separate stores for different things: fruit, toiletries, meat, et cetera. I found a mini express store that had variety of items and bought rice, vegetables and pasta– thankfully my Airbnb hostess provided coffee, eggs, bread and butter in the fridge already!

I went back to get a SIM card and tried to find a place to eat dinner when it started raining quite heavily. I waited in an alcove along with many other people until the rain lessened. Thankfully it seems to rain here like in Phoenix: it’s over within a few moments. I found a place to eat and then headed back home where I took another nap (oops!) while I waited for a good time to Facetime my family back home.

Today I’ve been trying to play the find an apartment game. In the Dallas airport I messaged a bunch of people on Whatsapp to try to make appointments to see apartments only to be told they were already rented. Today I’ve been doing the same thing, and the only person to give me an appointment is too far away for me to make it today! I’m going to try to make a bank account and see what I can get done of the rest of my to-do list.



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