Apartment: Check!

After a few long and exhausting days of trying to contact people about apartments listed, I finally got one! It’s been rather frustrating because there are so many people in the city right now looking for apartments that an hour after they’d get posted online they would already be filled! I sent endless messages to posters of places only to hear back that it had been filled, I was too young, I wasn’t a student, I was a student and more items on the list of reasons they didn’t want to rent to me. I went to see one apartment and 8 other people showed up to do the same thing. Another place I went to was doing mini-interviews for the whole week with interested people and wouldn’t be deciding until the weekend, though they later notified me that I wasn’t selected. Finally I found a place and put down the deposit yesterday! It took me around three days, which I was told by someone else was CRAZY fast, though I know another girl who found her apartment on her second day of being here, so I think it depends on where you’re willing to compromise and how lucky you are that day.

I realized during the apartment hunt that I literally cannot afford to be picky: there are far too many people apartment hunting and far too many overpriced places to waste time wavering. While I’d have preferred to have been able to live in the neighborhoods around where my Airbnb is currently, my school is too far away for that to work logistically. Instead, my new place is seconds away from the closest metro stop and I can take one of the commuter trains straight out of a nearby station. Overall, I’m happy I’m no longer technically homeless! You need an address to do so much of the required paperwork, so now I can get a start on that. I requested my metro card yesterday and it should be at my new apartment by the time I move in!

After so many days of nonstop running around, I decided to take it very slow today. I also woke up with a pretty bad headache, so I’m just going to hang around my apartment until I meet up with some other people from the program for a picnic around 4:30. Now that my apartment is taken care of, I can actually explore the city for purposes other than finding a place to live. I’ve seen literally nothing except for apartments and grocery stores, so I’m excited to actually start to explore the city I’ve moved to!



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