Touring Madrid

Until yesterday, I hadn’t really had much of a chance to tour a lot of Madrid. I’d been mostly hunting for an apartment (post to come!) and I just so happen to be doing so when EVERYONE else in Madrid is doing the same. However, I definitely got to see some of Madrid’s incredible sights, which are featured here. I tried to visit the palace today but it just so happened to be closed for a state event! This is rare but that’s just my luck. Also, now that I’ve made some friends it’s a lot easier to get photos of myself now at the monuments! It’s hard to get a selfie with a building that’s hundreds of feet (or meters, I guess) high.

In one of Madrid’s plazas is this marker for the geographic center of Spain
El Palacio Real (The Royal Palace)

The church behind the palace


Me outside the palace in the gardens
El Templo de Debod is a 3rd century Egyptian temple that was gifted to Spain in exchange for their help in preserving Egyptian architecture

Its impossible to get a bad photo of this place at night!
La Puerta de Alcalá
The Plaza de España 
Madrid is full of STUNNING architecture. I’m taking photos of buildings on every street I walk down. I end up with a camera roll of similar looking photos, but they’re all so beautiful. Today we also went to the Museo del Prado during their free afternoon hours, though photography is banned there. We didn’t even finish looking at all the levels before they had to close! The museum isn’t going anywhere though, so I’ll definitely be back to look at the beautiful paintings and sculptures. I feel so lucky to be living in a city full of so much culture and art. I’ve made a schedule of all the times the museums are free so I can hit them all up before I start going to work.



  1. […] The displays shifted dramatically after this exhibit. Now featured in the following portion of the museum were pieces from the Middle East and Egypt. I’m still not really sure what the connection is to these pieces and Spain, though I do know that Spain and Egypt have a pretty close relationship, as evidenced by the Templo de Debod.  […]


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