Moving to Spain: Getting your TIE

When you go through all the paperwork and applications for getting your visa, you may not realize immediately that the visa you’re applying for and receiving is only for three months…and our position as auxiliares de conversación is for nine! However, don’t panic when you get your visa back and it’s dated to expire WAY earlier than the end of the school term. The way that the system works is that you get your three-month visa that gives you the right to enter the country of Spain and then apply for a tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE) or in other words, a foreigner’s identity card.

In Spain, citizens and residents have DNIs: documento nacional de identidad. As just a visitor, you can’t get a DNI, but you instead have to apply for a TIE. Many old blogs and information sheets for the auxiliares program say that you have to get your NIE (numero de identidad de extranjero) before you can begin the process of getting a TIE. This is no longer true. Instead, when you get your visa back in the mail from your consulate, read it and check that it has your NIE. 99% of the time it should, and this is an important number to have for going forward. As I was placed in Madrid, these directions will be for the process of acquiring your TIE in the province of Madrid. If you’re in another region, it should be similar, but you should always double-check. In some of the smaller regions, it’s a simpler process than in Madrid. Additionally, this post will describe the process for someone from a non-EU country, as I am from the U.S.A. If you are from a country within the EU, your process will vary and most likely be a little simpler.

Once you arrive in Spain, visa in hand, you have 30 days to make an appointment online for your appointment to submit your application for a TIE. However, you need to have a permanent address by the time you show up to your appointment. You don’t need an address to make the appointment, but you do need it on the day you show up to the office.

The Comunidad of Madrid made a document where they describe the process of getting your TIE but I will also post the specifics here.

  1. Get an apartment and get empadronado. There are many different answers out there for whether or not it’s required to be empadronado for your TIE appointment, but I did it because I believe in being safe, not sorry. As it turns out, I was asked for my empadronadamiento form at my appointment and my friend was not.
  2. Make your appointment reservation online . You will need your passport number, NIE and phone number for this step. Select your province and ““TOMA DE HUELLAS (EXPEDICIÓN DE TARJETA) Y RENOVACIÓN DE TARJETA DE LARGA DURACIÓN”
  3. Make an appointment. If your appointment time falls within the school day, you should be excused for the appointment, as it’s MANDATORY to get the card (though you’ll have to arrange making up the hours with your school). If you’re in Madrid, you’re supposed to make the appointment for the Aluche office (Avda. de los Poblados, S/N).
  4. Save/print 1) the appointment slip, 2) the application for the card, 3) a color copy of your carta (or your original), 4) a copy of your carta, 5) the tax (tasa) form 790 código 012, 6) two copies of your passport’s main page, your visa page and the stamp of your arrival date, 7) a passport photo (you can have one of these taken at a metro station or the photo booth at the Aluche office)
  5. Fill out the EX-17 application for the card. You will only fill out the following sections:
    • NIE: Use the NIE from your visa
    • No Pasaporte
    • 1a Apellido
    • 2a Apellido: Again, only fill this out if you HAVE a second last name
    • Nombre: first name
    • Sexo (Check H for male, M for female)
    • Fecha de nacimiento
    • Lugar
    • País
    • Nombre del padre
    • Nombre de la madre
    • Nacionalidad
    • Estado civil (check S for single, C for married)
    • Domicilio en España: put your permanent address!
    • No
    • Piso
    • Localidad
    • CP
    • Provincia
    • Teléfono
    • E-Mail
    • Skip down to section 4 and check “Tarjeta Inicial” and “Estancia por estudios, investigación-formación, intercambio, prácticas o voluntariado
    • CONSIENTO la comprobación…
    • On the dotted line, write your city, and then the date in the following blanks
    • Sign in the box that says FIRMA DE SOLICITANTE
  6. Fill out the tasa form that you printed from the above link. NOTE: the Comunidad de Madrid’s instructions say that you can only get this form in person at a police station, and CANNOT print it out from online. This seems to be outdated. We visited multiple police stations and were told that they no longer hand out physical copies of this form and that everyone must print it from their website. That being said, make sure you print it from the link I provided as it’s the page generated by the police’s website. Each person’s request generates a unique barcode that supposedly can only be used by them, so don’t copy your friend’s or print the same PDF for multiple people. Make sure all three identical pages of the form print and are filled out identically
    • NIE
    • Apellidos y nombre
    • Calle/Plaza/Avenida
    • Nombre de la vía pública (your street)
    • Número
    • Piso
    • Puerta
    • Escalera if you have that in your address
    • Teléfono
    • Municipio
    • Provincia
    • Código Postal
    • Check the box that says TIE que documenta la autorización de estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado (titular principal y sus familiares)
    • Write your location, the date and sign your name in the bottom left-hand box
    • Write 15,45 in the bottom right-hand box, check “Forma de pago: En Efectivo”
  7. Take the three pages of the tasa form and 15.45 euros in cash to any bank. They should stamp two of the pages, return them to you and keep one.
  8. On the day of your appointment, take all your papers with you to you (including your empadronamiento and passport!) Show up, wait in line and submit your paperwork. They’ll give you a paper that will allow you to pick up your TIE card in 30-40 days after your appointment date. NOTE: You will also need your passport to pick up your card! This paper will also function as your TIE between the time your visa expires and you pick up the card, should need be.

Good luck! If you’re like me, you’ll also pack extra copies of everything and won’t end up needing them. The appointment went by very quickly, so hopefully the TIE pickup in about a month is just as simple!



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