Moving to Spain: Picking up your TIE

Today I went back to Avenida de los Poblados s/n where previously I submitted my application for a TIE card. Last Monday was the 30th day after submitting my application, but just to be sure it would be done I waited until today to go pick it up, not sure it would be done on the 30th day exactly. To pick up your TIE card, you need:

  • your passport
  • the ‘resguardo’ paper they gave you at the end of your TIE appointment

I walked into the line to the left that last time seemed to move much more quickly than the right, and waited for about an hour.  A man passing through the line took our resguardos, and by the time I made it to the lone woman working at the computer, all I had to do was show her my passport, wait for her to check everything matched, and hand over my card.

Overall, I waited about an hour in line. It was probably the easiest step in this whole paperwork process! I’m happy to be done with all of it– at least until April!


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