Finding a Flight

There have to be a million travel deals sites: Trivago, Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Every time I look for a flight, I discover a new website that claims to offer better travel deals. However, as is sometimes true on the internet, not every claim is true. Many sites and apps claim to offer low prices but actually have pretty high prices! Other sites advertising travel deals only seemed to offer them from Chicago or New York…pretty far from Arizona!

I’m going to provide you a list of the sites I have found to offer the best prices. Please bear in mind this applies only to my personal experience and not actual quantitative data or other mathy research.

  1. StudentUniverse– this site offers deals for students, teachers and individuals under 26. If you don’t fall under these qualifications, disregard this website but it’s a great resource for those of us who do! The tickets I’ve gotten from this site have been a little cheaper than other sites but I haven’t seen anything for as crazy as half the price.They also offer hotel deals.
  2. STA Travel– again, a site that offers discounts for students, teachers and individuals under 26. When I was looking at plane fare from Phoenix to Madrid, I found tickets on here for about half the prices I was seeing on other travel sites. Restrictions are a little tighter sometimes on these tickets but definitely worth the savings!
  3. Momondo– I haven’t personally booked through Momondo, but my dad has found good deals on this site as well.
  4. Kayak– World-travelers of my family use this site solely for their travel plans. Kayak is a search engine for other travel website, meaning that you do not directly book through them. I’ve managed to find some pretty good deals on here.
  5. Hipmunk– This site offers pretty good travel deals, and also allows you to compare the prices of Airbnbs to hotels.

Happy plane fare hunting for your next trip! Remember to clear out your browser history and cookies every so often because sites use these to raise prices when you are looking multiple times or at multiple pages of tickets.


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