Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Hello! Long time no see, I know. School got really busy right before Semana Santa (Easter holidays) and then I was traveling around to lots of places for the holiday.  My friend and her friend set of for Palma de Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands. I hadn’t yet been to any of the two island chains that are part of Spain (the Balearic and Canary Islands).

We landed early in the morning since the flight isn’t very long, and stowed our luggage in lockers since it was too early to check into the Airbnb. We went out for a walk around town and explored Palma a little bit.

Plaza Mayor

It was so nice to be on the island and have the nice sea breeze in town. Madrid is beautiful, but very dry, so it was nice to have a little humidity in the air for a few days. IMG_3775

Mallorca also has a pretty incredible cathedral. It looks very dramatic from a distance and the architecture is very impressive. It’s also huge, and quite difficult to get a good picture of all the features.

Palma Cathedral

The inside also has an altarpiece designed by Gaudí, which was a nice way to experience a little bit of the famed architect’s work before we headed off next to Barcelona.

Gaudi’s altar inside Cathedral
Palma Cathedral


We also wandered to a really interesting little place called Poble Espanyol. It’s a very cute and interesting miniature city with buildings that each show a model version of different Spanish city’s architectural style.

Poble Espanyol de Mallorca
Poble Espanyol de Mallorca
Poble Espanyol de Mallorca

After visiting a variety of Spanish cities, it was really interesting to see small versions of them in Mallorca. I definitely wasn’t expecting to find something like this. We also didn’t realize that the place was supposed to be closed, despite the open gate. We wondered why it was so empty, and then a security guard found us and asked us to leave- oops!

We were only in Mallorca for a couple days before we headed out bright and early (7am flight!) to Barcelona, a city I’d been looking forward to visiting for quite a while, which you can read about next time!


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