Sevilla, Spain

After our lovely time in Córdoba, we took a quick train to nearby Sevilla. Sevilla, while also in the south of Spain, is a little different. The streets are much larger, and I definitely felt the heat a little more here.

We headed pretty early on to the Plaza de España. Most every Spanish city has a Plaza Mayor and/or a Plaza de España, but Sevilla’s is by far the most famous of the latter. A portion of Star Wars was even filmed here! The plaza is huge, with gigantic buildings with terraces, and even a little river you can ride in boats around.

Plaza de España

There is also exquisite tilework that makes up a lot of the bridges and exteriors of the buildings, which is both beautiful and refreshing as it helps to alleviate some of the heat. IMG_4559IMG_4658

Plaza de España also has little benches that have the names of the major Spanish cities with a little painted background behind. I, of course, had to take mine with the Madrid bench!


There is also an Alcázar here, like in Córdoba. They filmed scenes for Game of Thrones here, so it was a little more famous. We waited in line (in the full sun) for quite a while and finally were allowed to enter. While the gardens in Córdoba were more impressive, there was much more to see on the inside of these buildings. I loved this mini exhibit on different tile patterns from the building! IMG_4621

Inside Alcázar

We were in Sevilla during Semana Santa, or Holy Week. This meant that there were many processions and people walking down the street in pretty (in)famous outfits. Note that here, the tall white hood and robes have no correlation to those who wear them in the United States. The people here have been wearing these outfits for centuries longer than people in the USA and they instead represent the burden of sin.


Everyone was much more dressed up than we were for the Holy Week processions, and at a few points we got stuck as a procession went by. With the tiny streets, there is only enough room for those who are in the procession to go by and no wiggle room. At one point we were pushed into a realtors office and at another we had to find refuge in a restaurant because there was no way through.

We were only in Sevilla for about two days, but I’m so glad I got to visit such a famous Spanish city. While I think I enjoyed Córdoba’s architecture and flowered patios a little more than Sevilla, I still definitely enjoyed my time there.


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