Copenhagen, Denmark

After Sevilla, my friends and I split up. They headed to Lagos, Portugal and I headed to Copenhagen on my first solo trip! I was pretty excited as I’d never traveled solo before (if you don’t count coming to Spain) and also was really looking forward to visiting Scandinavia for the first time.

Unfortunately, at the tail end of our time in Sevilla I started feeling a little under the weather and this increased over the next few days. It also rained quite a bit during my two days in Copenhagen, which put a literal damper on things. However, I definitely loved the city and am really glad I made it there.

I really only had one full day in the city so I did a walking tour in the morning to get a good idea of the major sights. There really aren’t a ton of major landmarks in the city, but it was nice to walk around and get a look at some of the beautiful buildings. We met at the town hall square, which was quite dramatic and beautiful looking.

Town Hall
Town Hall Square Distance marker
Town Hall Dragon statue

We also stopped in Nyhavn, where all your friends have probably Instagrammed from if they’ve been to Copenhagen. The waterfront is extremely picturesque with its multicolored buildings.

Nyhavn harbor

Some strangers asked me to take their photo and I took advantage of the moment to have them take a photo of me! I was pretty cold in Copenhagen. I couldn’t believe I was just in shorts and sweating in Sevilla the day before! Definitely a huge weather change.

Me at Nyhavn harbor

Denmark’s most famous person was probably Hans Christian Anderson, and he lived in this red house below for a few years. There is also a statue of the Little Mermaid at the far end of the city, but I didn’t make it out there.

The red house (2nd from left) was Hans Christian Anderson’s

I also went to the National Museum, which had a lot of interesting Viking history, as well as quite a few buried Viking hordes.


After closing the museum ( I was asked to leave very politely by a security guard after I lost track of time, oops)  I wandered to get some lunch. Paper Island is an indoor, temporary food truck market which sounded perfect for the rainy day. I got a delicious salmon sandwich and apple cider and was quite content. I did accidentally withdraw a few more Danish kronor than I probably should have, so I splurged and got fries with the sandwich and then a coffee on the way home.

I also stumbled upon this adorable patch of spring flowers on my way back to my hostel. IMG_4778

I wish that I could have stayed a little longer in Copenhagen and that I wasn’t sick while there, but I still had a great time. It was especially a great place to visit as a first-time female solo traveler as it’s incredibly safe. It definitely was a learning experience as I navigated my way through a foreign country by myself,I’m definitely looking forward to more solo travel and also to exploring more of Scandinavia!

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