I’m Back!

Hello all, I’m back! I know I’ve gone a long time without blogging, but I was busy with the end of the school year at my school and then I wanted to take a break from blogging and think about the focus and direction I wanted for this space. I’ve decided to renew with the program for a second year, and now that that application is done, I’ll be posting about that process as well to provide help for people in the future. I think I’ll continue with some travel posts, but try to not make them the focus of the blog. I’d like to work on becoming more mindful in my personal life and extend that to my blog, so I’ll be posting some more teaching reflections. Definitely there will be things to look out for in the future, so thanks for your patience and I’m glad to be back!

In the meantime, I have made a portfolio for my first year as an auxiliar and I was also featured in my hometown newspaper!

Things to look out for:
-The Auxiliar renewal process

-The TIE renewal process

-A few travel spots I haven’t discussed


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