How to Renew with Auxiliares Program

I’ll be going into my second year as a Language Assistant in October. The application to renew with the program opens with the regular Profex application for first-timers in January, so you have to decide pretty early on if you want to renew at your school or not. I love my school and I love being in Spain and wanted to renew for a second-year from day one. The process is pretty much like applying for the first time, only a little more simple, thankfully!

First, you have to decide that you want to renew. If you’re in Madrid and want a second year, you have to renew at your same school. You can switch to a different region, though, at this time. In other regions, you can choose to stay in your same region but change schools.

Second, figure out the date the applications open, which is posted usually on this website. Then, with the time remaining, get all your papers together. You’ll need the scan of your passport from year 1, a letter of motivation (about 300 words long) and the informe del centro. The latter is a paper from your principal saying you’ve done your job so far and they think you should continue as an auxiliar. I asked my headmistress for one the day after we came back from Christmas break, and she told me she’d give it to me after the school met to talk about the auxiliares. After a stressful wait, we were good to go and got the paper.

Third, log into Profex when it opens and have all your documents ready. Make sure you follow the Profex manual or a blog like Trevor’s   to make sure you click all the right buttons. The most important part is making sure you’re applying as a renewal and selecting the options that correspond with a first year renewal. This is important because as a renewal, if you apply within the window, you have priority over other applicants. This is most important if you want to switch regions. Finish and submit the Profex application.

Fourth, submit the application to the parties required. This last year, Madrid renewals weren’t required to mail theirs but this varies by region and probably year to year. I’d give more specific details but 1) it was all the way back in January and 2) it’ll probably be different next year anyway.

Fifth, wait! You should get a notification that your application was received, another if it was processed and another that it was accepted. Then, you should later (around May) receive your carta de nombramiento for the next year. Once you get this you’re 100% in!

Next, you’ll have to update your expired TIE for the next year. I’m still currently in this stage, so I’ll make a comprehensive post once I’m closer to completing it. Also, if you’re bummed this post didn’t include a lot of paperwork, don’t worry! There’s plenty involved in renewing your TIE.

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