I’m Nicole Lemme, a 21 year old Phoenix native who is an Auxiliar de Conversación for 2016-2017 in Madrid, Spain. I graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in English Literature and Communication with a minor in Spanish and a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate.

I love traveling, linguistics, reading, caffeine and all things green. Having grown up in the desert makes me want to take photos of every tree I see as if it’s the first I’ve seen.  Stay tuned for updates on all of the above!

I have also been documenting at length the steps required to attain the Spain student visa for the Auxiliares program through the Los Angeles consulate, so read those posts here. 

If you’re interested in travels through Asia, art history or the Fulbright program, check out my best friend Meera’s blog !

My ASU thesis is published and available for purchase on Amazon for $9.95. Below is the book synopsis:

The American West is littered with sites of former boomtowns, sometimes referred to as “ghost towns.” In this work of creative nonfiction, three cities in Arizona are examined: Bisbee, Jerome and Tombstone. While some may classify these cities as “ghost towns,” the definition of the term and its application are hotly contested. Through visits to these towns and interviews with residents and visitors, a complex kaleidoscope of identity, memory, nostalgia, and narrative is revealed in how these towns are presented and received.

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